A.R.F.F.F. believes there is a creative solution to every situation. If you have a need outside the mold of our regular services, please tell us about it. We love to meet and improve the lives of as many animals as possible! 

Walks can go for as short as 15 minutes or as long as 4 hours (and beyond). Call for all inquires and pricing! 🙂 



Absolutely! Call for pricing and all inquires.



*Refer a Client, get  $5 off* 

*Buy 3 hours of sitting, get the fourth free* 

*Schedule in advance Overnight/Specialty Packages and receive no extra charge for up to four additional pets* 

Overnight and Specialty Packages

– Two Walks

– Regular Feedings

– Up to Three Visits During the Day

– Additional Treatment (brush, play fetch, read story, ect.)

– Additional Care (water plants, bring in mail, trash cans, ect.)

*guarantees pet will not be left alone any longer than 3-4 hours in a section*

– Walk 

_Regular Feedings

– Additional Treatment (brush, play fetch, read story, ect.)

_Additional Care (water plants, bring in mail, trash cans, ect.)

– Up to Two Visits During the Day


Want to treat your dog to something special, or plug them into an outlet which uses up some of their never-ending energy? Let them go on an adventure with A.R.F.F.F.! They will get to walk, sniff, and explore some of the greatest trails in the area. They will also interact with other great dogs and create healthy emotional bonds.


A.R.F.F.F. Adventure Dog Excursion Days run for 2.5 – 3 hours, at a flat rate of $40. Transportation is included along with pick up’s and drop off’s. Food and water are also included. Please let us know if your dog has any dietary restrictions or special requests.

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