Meet our Furry Friends!

 We have the pleasure of getting to know some of the greatest animals on earth! Take a look a their bio’s below and see what the A.R.F.F.F. community is up to. Why not tell us what makes your pet special?


George is a dog of his own class. He is a dog who is friendly, handsome as they come, and darling to be around. George loves to spend time with his brother, Bob, and practice running for the Olympics he aspires to one day participate in. He will be your friend with loyalty, and become your best friend if you have treats!


Trevor is a Beta fish and a total sweetheart. He is rather curious and enjoys spending his time with friends the frog and snail. Trevor is working on his own fish language and will be beta testing it in the near future.


Nelson is a dog with character and class. He is supportive, loyal, and is interested in the construction of dog houses. Nelson aspires to one day build the biggest dog house the world has ever known.


Lulu is an energetic pure breed English lab with a zeal for the outdoors and chasing the ball. She enjoys hiking trails and swimming pools. Her future goals are to help other dogs like herself explore the great outdoors.


Skipper is a Beagle cocker spaniel and is always looking for adventure. He is nearly 14 years old, but don't let his Senior dog status fool you. He is still a puppy at heart. You will find Skipper with his nose to the ground and rustling through the trees of Newbury Park.


Scully comes from the woodwork of perseverance and patience. Scully enjoys setting his own goals and loves to explore nature. If he had to pick it would definitely be biscuits and gravy over avocado toast. His hidden talent is finding surprise food in shrubbery.


Riley is a gorgeous Golden Doodle with an attitude for adventure and action! She makes a point to get along everyone and is filled with endurance. She likes to catch the wind, and if challenged can be almost as fast as it.


Tillie, a cat loaded with personality and finesse is always up for food and fun. She enjoys watching birds and thinking about when the next mealtime is.


Milo is full of exuberance and loves to support others around him. He has often been referred to as a grumpy old man, but that is also part of what makes him so great. Milo aspires to one day uncover the greatest treats left behind by humankind.


Louie is a playful soul with trusting eyes and a loving heart. He enjoys catching the ball and stealing it from his brother Otis. You will most likely find Louie lounging on a couch with a good movie or following the scent of the devious neighborhood squirrels.


Otis is a fierce dog. He loves to be outside and play with his brothers. He likes to show his wild side and is interested in communicating will all the neighborhood dogs on a regular basis.


Gordan is a mini-rex rabbit with some of the silkiest fur this world will ever know. You will find Gordan eating a carrot solo in his decked-out cage, because he is very much a bachlor.

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